About SXCR

Porn and free speech. This was just a spare domain I had laying around, that I didn’t know what to do with. So when GAB de-listed the #NSFW groups, I decided to open it up and let people post here. The site is multi-layered, and it won’t fully make sense until I’ve added all of the layers, so it will look like a “work in progress” for some time. The name means “sexier company”, which I hope you will be 🙂


– No interracial porn. The main purpose of such porn is globalist propoganda, and the site admin is unashamedly a nationalist. Non-white same-race sex is acceptable though (for example, Asian fucks Asian). If you’re not sure of race then I’ll allow it.

– No images that look disrespectful to white women (for example, anal spreading or pissing on her face). Much of this content is produced by (((a certain tribe))), with the specific intention of humiliating white women.

– No underage, even if fully clothed. If she looks too fresh-faced, don’t post it. Also, no animals (for example, naked white girl leading horse to water).

– You can import feeds but they must be high quality. (NOTE: Tumblr will remove all adult content as of December 17th).

– You can post memes but not grossly offensive ones.

– My own format is ‘title + full size image’, but feel free to deviate from that.

– Use of relevant categories and tags is strongly encouraged. I’m sick of hashtags being suppressed or not working properly on other sites.

– You can link your images to anything you want (social media profile, affiliate link etc)


Humblr.social (Mastodon instance)